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About my seminars
Getting Ready for New Horizons
How to Cope with Stress in Everyday Life
Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 1
Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 2
The Price You Pay for Power
In Command of the Situation Through Conflict Management
The Art of Leadership
Drawing up "Pictures of the Company"
NAIKAN and KODO-NAIKAN in European Context
  About my seminars
  Objective of every single seminar module:

  1. To become more sensitive towards myself and others
  2. To get to know and assess oneself better
  3. To create a positive vibration for myself and for my team and to transfer what I have learnt to everyday life, both in my professional and private life


  • Collecting new experiences, where new knowledge is embedded.
  • Getting to know new ways of thinking and performance, which can be applied and put into action immediately.
  • Due to holistic leaning everybody is addressed as an individual personality; therefore everybody feels included, no matter what stage he or she is at.
  • Nobody is forced to join, therefore the danger of inner isolation and distance can be avoided.
  • Elaborating the first steps and finding out how to apply the knowledge gained in the seminar to everyday life

    All this should be an integral part of a seminar based on experience rather than just on theory, which will lead to:

  • having new energy for your job
  • doing things you haven't done for a long time
  • breaking out of the daily routine
  • starting to think about yourself
  • everything should be fun, a kind of game
  • the combination of the left and the right side of the brain is stimulated
  • just for once you do something out of the ordinary, something you will always like to look back on
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