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How to Cope with Stress in Everyday Life
Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 1
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The Price You Pay for Power
In Command of the Situation Through Conflict Management
The Art of Leadership
Drawing up "Pictures of the Company"
NAIKAN and KODO-NAIKAN in European Context
  Drawing up "Pictures of the Company"

Pictures of the real situation in the company are drawn up.


Facts covered and hidden are brought to the surface and will be made understood.

Nobody can neglect the power of the clear pictures, which are drawn up by the participants themselves. Hence change is possible.


Holistic methods are used to show the actual situation in the company or the department.

The process of change will be initiated ? based on the objectives elaborated together and the steps of change deriving thereof.

The process of change will be accompanied circumspected and caring, thus the desired objectives - agreed in common - will be reached.


The result is complete satisfaction, which is the basis for new successful activities.

Target group:

  • Everybody, who wants to learn about his own position in his group.

  • Groups, who want to improve the relationships among them.

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