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Getting Ready for New Horizons
How to Cope with Stress in Everyday Life
Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 1
Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 2
The Price You Pay for Power
In Command of the Situation Through Conflict Management
The Art of Leadership
Drawing up "Pictures of the Company"
NAIKAN and KODO-NAIKAN in European Context
  How to Cope with Stress in Everyday Life
  Duration of seminar: 3 days

Content of seminar:

part 1:
what is my concept of stress, how do I handle stress

part 2:
stress management

part 3:
Transferring my new level of knowledge and experience from the seminar to my professional life

In parallel the seminar should help to,

  • "recharge" one's own batteries
  • trigger the creation of a team and help people to find each other within a company or an organisational unit.

Objective of the seminar:

  • How can I avoid stress from external sources and self-inflicted stress situations?
  • How can I handle stress better in future, both in my professional and in my private life?

Target group:

  • Individuals, because everyday life is becoming increasingly stressful for all of us

  • Groups who are looking for ways to interact on a stress-free basis.

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