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  Strong Through Emotional Intelligence - part 2
  How to Cope with Fear

Duration of seminar: 3 days

Content of seminar:

  • Do I know the sensation of fear?
  • What is my concept of fear?
  • When am I afraid and what am I afraid of?
  • What do I do, when I am afraid?
  • What are the basic human fears that all other fears boil down to?
  • How can I cope more successfully with my own fear and the fear of the people I am with?

Objectves of the seminar:

  • To discover and uncover my own fears ? in a protected environment and without losing face in front of the group.
  • To get to know a new attitude towards my own fear. Being afraid is nothing to be ashamed of, fear is a very helpful feeling.
  • To get to know new attitudes in dealing with fear and to elaborate my most successful strategies in overcoming fear.
  • Nutritional tips that help in escaping the sensation of fear.

Target group:

  • Everyone who is honest enough to acknowledge their own fear.
  • Groups who want to improve the quality of their communication by getting to know new strategies for coping with fear.
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