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  The Art of Leadership
  Duration of the seminar: 3days

Content of the seminar:

  • What does leadership mean in general?
  • What is my concept of leadership?
  • What does "upward" and "downward" leadership mean?
  • A leader does not only manage the economic resources of the company but supports essentially the skills of the employees
  • Above all, a leader needs the capacity to lead himself
  • A leader needs the capacity to act
  • A leader needs the capacity to develop relationships
  • What is my most important task as a leader
  • The leader as a shining example
  • From management to leadership
  • What does leadership mean

Objective of the seminar:

  • Analysis of leadership behaviour generally and my leadership behaviour in particular,
  • Development of competence in leadership and leadership potentials

Target group:

  • People who want to analyse and improve their own leadership behaviour
  • Groups who want to improve their leadership culture
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