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I have really learnt a lot in the training sessions with Gabriele A. Hofstätter. If I had learnt, what I learnt here, 30 years earlier my life would have been different. Today it is no problem for me to state my opinion, even to my boss. Without these seminars I would never have done so.

(Hubert Zechner, production, Nycomed Austria GmbH, Linz, Austria www.nycomed.at)

The co-operation with the employees has become more open and intense and motivation has increased. People have learned to understand each other better. We have succeeded in moving from reserve to open-ness. Due to the work with Gabriele A. Hofstätter the staff has been able to reduce general anxieties and this has resulted in an atmosphere of trust.

(Dir. Mag. Alfred Schaufler, Head of Production Department, Nycomed Austria GmbH, Linz, Austria www.nycomed.at)

Until recently, some of our team-meetings were not productive at all, sometimes it felt like being in with the sharks. Due to skillful moderation Gabriele A. Hofstätter was able to help us out of this unsatisfactory situation. Now we definitely have a better atmosphere, our communication is based on mutual esteem.

(Dir. Dr. Thomas Habenreich, General Manager Medical Solutions, Siemens Austria AG, Vienna, Austria www.medical.siemens.com )

Often you can't see the wood for the trees. Especially in a innovative field with lots of ?trends? and undefined market development there is a risk of getting lost in too many fields. Gabriele A. Hofstätter is capable of seeing complex things clearly and structuring problems. With her help we cleared our "wood". Now we know what we want to achieve and have a clear strategy.

(Mag. Gerald Harringer, Managing Director, OÖ.Online GmbH & CO.KG, Linz, Austria www.ooe.net )

The discussions with Gabriele A. Hofstätter opened my eyes in many respects and I achieved some objectives I wouldn't have attempted before.

(Adelheid Fabits, DKKS, Academic Director in Advanced Service for Health Care, Regional Gynaecological and Paediatric Clinic in Linz, Austria www.frauenklinik-linz.at )

Of the trainer, Gabriele A. Hofstätter, all I can say is ?This lady is simply superb!? For some people it is almost unthinkable that in a group ? made up of such very different people ? it is possible for everyone to speak so frankly and freely. She knows just how to create a good atmosphere. As for the usefulness of what I have learned I can say, that our employees returned to their offices totally motivated. I think that also in the future this seminar will be a great help in mastering any problems.

(Mag. Christine Reichetseder, Head of Education and Human Resources, Upper Austrian Government, De-partment of Human Resources, Linz, Austria www.ooe.gv.at)

Since 1997 Gabriele A. Hofstätter has been training the middle management of Nycomed Austria. 4 to 5 seminars for groups of 10 to 14 managers from the middle management have been organized every year. Among others the following topics were covered: definition of objectives / motivation, stress management, power and how to handle power, conflict management, continuity in a changing world. These seminars are appreciated very much. Gabriele A. Hofstätter is always capable ? with a lot of sensibility and empathy ? of motivating the participants to take an active part in the seminars even in these very personal areas. Often this new awareness is considered a liberation, and professional and personal problems or strains are not so threatening any more.

(Director Dr. Joseph Simons, Head of Production of Nycomed Austria GmbH, Linz, Austria www.nycomed.at)

Continuous pressure to perform and insecurity as a result of the merger of our company with Pfizer Inc., another pharmaceutical company, led to a significant decrease in performance in some of our best employees. The reasons were stress and fear of not achieving the set objectives, and on top of that not knowing how to handle a future not exactly defined. The seminar ?How to Cope with Stress in Everyday Life? helped many of them to regain their balance.

(Dieter Svoboda, Managing Director Parke Davis, Warner Lambert, Vienna, Austria www.pfizer.co.at)

Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter is a personality for whom I have the utmost admiration. I'd like to be like her, too (but I don't think I really could). I think I could listen to her for hours and of course ask questions again and again. She succeeded in motivating me to become extroverted and to take an active part in life again.

(Margit Bednar, Local Government of Upper Austria, Department of Food Quality Control, Linz, Austria www.ooe.gv.at )

Thanks to the personal engagement of Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter the "loners" in our department finally joined up to make a strong team, which now collaborates with engagement and enthusiasm in reaching the committed objectives.

(Director Dipl. Ing. Werner Beier, General Manager Medical Services, Siemens Austria AG, Vienna www.medical.siemens.com )

I have known and appreciated Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter in various seminars since 1999. In several workshops for managers. Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter deals with the needs of every single person with a lot of sensibility. In coaching groups of managers and coworkers or in one-to-one coaching she does not try to put her own ideas into the participants' heads, but leaves sufficient space for the development of the necessary process in every single person. I always found her extremely sensitive and careful, with a lot of respect for the individuality and the vulnerability of the person in her care.

(Cornelia Kitzmüller, Head of the Service Center Installations, Siemens Austria AG, Vienna www.medical.siemens.com )

With a lot of sensibility and the right feeling but also with great tenacity and tactics we succeeded ? together with Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter ? in reaching our mutually set objectives, even if it wasn't easy and it turned out we had to include some feedback loops. Several times we had to step back to a previous goal, reconsider the situation and start from there again. But the pleasing and most satisfying results of the joint project justify the sweat and effort on the way to a satisfactory end.

(Rupert Halbartschlager, President and M.D. of Halbartschlager, Garden - and Landscape Architecture, Sierning, Austria www.halbartschlager.at)

Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter is a versatile and highly educated woman with a strong personality and radiation. She conveys the contents extremely cleverly ? with a mixture of (undetected) advice and encouragement to use one's own creativity and subconscious. You get the impression you found it all out by yourself and reached the goal on your own ( which is, after all, the objective of working together).

(Prof. Dr.Dr. Bernd H. Kortschak, University of Economics Vienna, www.wu-wien.ac.at, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany www.fh-erfurt.de/vt )

Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter was able to motivate us to look deeper into the subject: ?How to be successful in self-motivation? with her interesting and vivid techniques. Therefore we really had the opportunity to think about the objectives of every single person and to think about ?what everybody wants to achieve ? both professionally and in private life?. Mrs. G. A. Hofstätter integrated these points in her life completely and that makes her a wonderful trainer in motivation.

(Dr. Gerd Haubold, M.pharm. President and chief pharmacist of Adler Pharmacy, Ruhpolding, Germany www.http://www.vitanet.de/apotheke/D10329/web/Startseite)

Gabriele A. Hofstätter's work is characterized by circumspection and loving care, great skill, empathy and the ability to find the right solution quickly.

(Dr.phil. Marianne Moser, Scientific Head, IVL (Institute for In-Vitro-Fertilisation) at the Governmental Clinic for Women and Children Linz, Austria www.frauenklinik-linz.at )

The reaction of all those who participated in the series of seminars ? My/Our Way to Success? was very positive. The content was adapted extremely well to suit our needs. The preparatory work was ideal and the caring and accompanying during the seminars were excellent. We are looking forward to the follow-up.

(W.OAR. Reinhard Biermair. Director of Administration of the Governmental Clinic for Gynaecology and Paediatrics, Linz, Austria www.frauenklinik-linz.at )

Gabriele A. Hofstätter works accurately and with precision. She addresses problems from multiple angles and takes various points of view into consideration. Various approaches are allowed and circumspected thinking ahead completes her work. When collaborating with Gabriele A. Hofstätter I regularly experienced her enormous flexibility and her fast intellectual grasp, and I was impressed as well by her endurance and her persistence ? even in difficult situations. The scientific work and studies Gabriele A. Hofstätter has done for us are acknowledged and estimated in Austria and abroad.

(Prof. Dr. Theo Gumpelmayer, Vice President of EARTO, European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, Brussels, Belgium www.earto.org and President of ACR, Austrian Coorpoative Research, Vienna,)

Since Mrs. Gabriele A. Hofstätter has accompanied my employees and myself on our way of change towards Process-Management, our "feelers" have become much more sensitive. We have become much better at dealing with ourselves and with others.

(Ing. Werner Tischer, M.D. of Ferroglas Glasbautechnik Ges.m.b.H. Linz, Austria www.ferroglas.at )