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  The road to success is one we must walk along together. I consider myself a responsible and experienced escort on this road. Mutual esteem, confidence and positive feelings are the basis for successful consulting and coaching.

My work is based on 4 columns:

  • science and technology

  • economy and commercial aspects

  • export experience with a broad multicultural background

  • psychology

Curriculum Vitae:

Self-employed since 1993; previously 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Chemie Linz AG and Laevosan GmbH)


  • University of Vienna, Pharmaceutical Science, 1972 - 1978 Degree Master of Pharmacy

  • Intensive Business Management studies, 1981 - 1982 organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

  • University course of study for Export Managers, 1981 - 1982 Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

    Further education in sales, marketing, leadership training, rhetoric?s, motivation, time-management, creativity, net plan techniques, communication, facilitating, group dynamics.

    Study trips to Mongolia ( traditional Medicine of Mongolia) and Japan (Training in Naikan and Kodo-Naikan, training methods developed in Japan)

Current projects:

Consulting for the international industry

Set-up, management and consulting for projects focusing on:

  • health services and /or human resources management

  • telecommunication and telematics in medicine and health services

  • management of communication and information

  • determination and definition of objectives and resulting strategies

  • to act in the capacity of a facilitator in decision management

  • supporting change management and coaching the change management process

Human resources management:

  • management training

  • coaching and support in organisational and personal development


1. Licensee for life and social consulting

Licence for psychological consulting.
Awarded on August 22nd, 1985

License for communication, management and executive training.
Awarded on January 17th, 1990

Licence for life and social consulting
Awarded on February 3rd, 1993

2. Licensee for Management Consultant for the pharmaceutical field and for health services
Awarded on March 23rd, 1995

Spare-time activities:

  • Export Club Upper Austria:

    President of the Export Club Upper Austria (ECL O)

    1982 - 1992 Responsible for the foundation, set-up and management of the Export Club Upper Austria

    The Exportclub Upper Austria provides both a platform for informal exchange of information and the opportunity to present knowledge through visits to companies, meetings, conferences, lectures, seminars and discussions.

    PastPast-President of the Export Club of Upper Austria (ECL O)

    September 1993 - September 1995 past-president of the Exportclub of Upper Austria

    Member of the bord of the Export Club of Upper Austria
    as Founder and First President of the Club, from 1996 - 2008

    Member of the Advisory Council of the Export Club of Upper Austria from 2008 ongoing

  • International Naikan Association (INA):

    Active Member of the International Naikan Association (INA)

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